Apple, Sausage & Smoked Gouda Quiche

Sep. 15, 2019| Labels: Quiche , Eggs , Hollandaise , Brunch , Breakfast

Today we’re going full on fall brunch-mode with this apple, sausage and smoked gouda quiche. 

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Bubble Pizza

Sep. 08, 2019| Labels: Pizza , Biscuits , Pizza Sauce , Pizza Dough , Deep DIsh

Today we're making bubble pizza. It's the easiest weeknight pizza recipe you never knew you needed.

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Hawaiian Ham & Swiss Slider

Aug. 25, 2019| Labels: Ham , Sliders , Swiss Cheese , Hawaiian Bread

I made a snap decision to watch football this weekend - and while I really have no idea how many touchdowns it takes to score a homerun, I am definitely the MVP of tailgating party food. 

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Instant Pot Apple Butter

Aug. 18, 2019| Labels: Apples , Apple Cider , Butter

Forget pumpkin spice, apples are the one true king of fall flavors. Apple butter churning is made simple by using the Instant Pot, shortening a traditionally hours long process into just a few minutes. 

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Pizza Bagels For Adults

Aug. 11, 2019| Labels: Pizza , Bagel

Today we are putting an "adultier" spin on a childhood favorite because we are going to be making pizza bagels - for adults!

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Felix Felicis | Harry Potter Magical Recipes

Jul. 28, 2019| Labels: Harry Potter , Cocktails , Alcohol

Harry Potter week continues here in the Starving Chef's kitchen. Today we are descending into the dungeons to join Professor Slughorn in the brewing of a fresh draught of Felix Felicis.

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