Fried Morel Mushroom Pasta | Stardew Valley Recipes

Nov. 03, 2019| Labels: Morels , Mushrooms , Pasta , Stardew

Today were heading out of the kitchen and back to Stardew Valley. After multiple requests for another Stardew recipe, I’ve dusted off my farmers hat and spent the last several days on my farm fixing things up and getting the virtual land ready for spring.

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Spooky Charcuterie | Halloween Recipes

Oct. 24, 2019| Labels: Halloween , Halloween Party , Charcuterie , Cheese Board , Cheese , appetizers , Grazing

Summon up the kitchen spirits, today I’m going to show you how to make the spookiest Halloween spread in town.

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Protein Granola Trail Mix

Oct. 20, 2019| Labels: AmBari , Trail Mix , Granola , Protein

It’s time to power up your next hike with protein-infused granola! This week I partnered with AmBari Nutrition to infuse homemade granola with protein. Along with AmBari’s snack pack variety box, this trail mix is packed with protein to keep you moving on your next trail blazing adventure.

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Homemade CBD Dog Treats

Oct. 13, 2019| Labels: Dog Treats

Tomorrow is Luna’s third birthday so I thought it would be nice to spoil her with a new pup-tent and some nice and relaxing CBD dog treats to celebrate her life!

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Pumpkin Spice Double Layer Cheesecake

Sep. 22, 2019| Labels: Cheesecake , pumpkin spice , Maple , Streusel , Dessert

Today we’re embracing fall with these pumpkin spice double layer cheesecake squares. Made with a ginger snap crust and topped with a crispy-crunchy maple streusel, this tasty cheesecake will have you pulling on your flannels in anticipation of fall.

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Apple, Sausage & Smoked Gouda Quiche

Sep. 15, 2019| Labels: Quiche , Eggs , Hollandaise , Brunch , Breakfast

Today we’re going full on fall brunch-mode with this apple, sausage and smoked gouda quiche. 

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