Pizza Bagels For Adults

Aug. 11, 2019| Labels: Pizza , Bagel

Today we are putting an "adultier" spin on a childhood favorite because we are going to be making pizza bagels - for adults!

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Felix Felicis | Harry Potter Magical Recipes

Jul. 28, 2019| Labels: Harry Potter , Cocktails , Alcohol

Harry Potter week continues here in the Starving Chef's kitchen. Today we are descending into the dungeons to join Professor Slughorn in the brewing of a fresh draught of Felix Felicis.

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Luna Lovegood's Radish Salad | Harry Potter Magical Recipes

Jul. 21, 2019| Labels: Harry Potter , Cucumber , Radish , Salad

Every year, I dedicate the last week of July to the boy who lived by making delicious recipes and concoctions inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter. Today we’re heading out of the kitchen and back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for some very magical recipes!

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GIANT Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Jun. 30, 2019| Labels: Giant Food , Chicken , Parmesan , Sandwich

It's my 600th post - we gotta do something HUGE!! 

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Easy Corn Salsa

Jun. 23, 2019| Labels: Corn , Sweet Corn , Salsa

Today we are making summer sweet corn salsa. its the perfect blend of sweet and spicy; using a mix of fresh and canned ingredients, this corn salsa is ready in just minutes.

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One Sheet Pan Salmon Dinner FOR TWO!

Jun. 09, 2019| Labels: Salmon , Asparagus , Onion , Carrot , One Pan Meals

Today we are making a quick and easy one sheet pan meal with ginger sesame carrots, roasted onions, buttered asparagus and a simple sriracha honey salmon filet. 

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