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1950s Coca Cola Brisket from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Inspired by the brisket recipe in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Cookies

Today we are making sweet potato marshmallow cookies - it's how I imagine sweet potato casserole SHOULD be served; as a dessert and not a side dish.

Plum Bourbon Bison Meatballs | Great Range Bison

Bison meat plays well with sweeter flavors because of the rich and savory notes that aren’t found in more traditional meats.

Oozing Meatloaf Brain

From our victim we will be making oozing meatloaf brains that are smothered in a sweet and spicy bloody barbecue and filled with mozzarella and ricotta center.

Pumpkin Butter Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

Today we are making pumpkin butter apple pie cinnamon rolls with a maple cream cheese frosting.

White Chocolate Banana Pumpkin Muffins

White chocolate banana pumpkin muffins that can be made no-mess in a baggie with ease!

KNOW YOUR: Apples (with homemade apple cider recipe!)

Sweet and tangy apple cider made from 12 different kinds of apples!

Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jelly

Pepper jelly is also excellent served as an appetizer with crackers or used in some recipes to add a flair of sweet AND heat.

Homemade Pasta Sauce

A homemade pasta sauce from heirloom tomatoes and peppers grown in my own backyard.

Fizzy Pumpkin Juice | Harry Potter Recipes

Today we’re apparating into Snape's dungeon to concoct fizzy pumpkin juice that doubles as a love potion - because anyone who drinks it is sure to fall in love with you.

Beer Brined Shrimp Burgers | Whole Foods Market 365

These shrimp burgers will put regular ol' beef burgers to shame; they are easy to make, quick to cook, and exploding with summertime flavor.

Pulled Pork Sloppy Joes

No matter which way you cook it the end result is always the same - a delicious pulled pork sandwich thats dripping in a sweet and smoky barbecue-inspired sauce.

West Side Market, Cleveland | Out of the Kitchen

Four Ingredient S'mores Dip

Dunk your graham crackers into this delicious s'mores dip!

Puppy Popsicles aka PUPSICLES

Using an ice cube tray as the mold for the frozen treats, the "ice cream" portion of the pupsicle is made from just two ingredients: plain Greek yogurt and natural peanut butter.

Death Star Cheese Ball | Star Wars Recipes

The Force is strong with this recipe for a Death Star Cheese Ball!

KNOW YOUR: Herbs & Spices

Most recipes rely heavily on herbs and spices - which not only make your food more delicious, but also open up the opportunity to expand your taste buds.

Sriracha Maple Chicken Waffles

Waffles with sous vide chicken and spicy sriracha maple syrup on top.

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